You will maybe see them in the nichoir’s corridors.

They joined the project and then they choose this « pied à terre » and its event out of conviction, linking with their values and their desire to work differently.

Follow this page, you will discover over the time the faces of these entrepreneurs who have decided to live their entrepreneurship and develop their project in a slow working mode.

Nichoir's artists

This section, results of encounters, is the favorite sequence of Le Nichoir.
Creating such a space aimed at transmitting a universal message can not be done without craziness, crushes, mistakes, covers… and surprises! Improvised compositors for this project, with beautiful encounters on our way, we found out that we have lots of similarities with arts.
As many work can lead to a personal interpretation, Le Nichoir is a support that only asks to be impregnated with each one to finally evolve over time and encounters.
We discovered these artists, sometimes assertive, and some of them just beginning. And it is a real pleasure for us to push them on the front row today, because further than their art, a real relation with Le Nichoir and its value exists.
By coming to Le Nichoir, you will enjoy a natural setting but also an inspiring place. If artists found their inspiration here, you will surely be able to find ideas that will help bring your project to life!